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Goat Milk Soap - $3/Bar (Approximately 3 oz)
We produce a mild and moisturizing goat milk soap with a silky lather.  You can buy our soap at historical reenactments.  Our next reenactment is The Spirit of Vincennes! May 26 & 27 in Vincennes, Indiana.  We also sell soap mail order.

You can email your order to I will send you an invoice to pay through paypal. The most economical shipment method I have found is a Medium USPS Flat Rate box (currently $13.60).  It will ship about 50 bars of soap.  A Small box will fit 4 bars (currently $7.15).

Lavender is embellished with lavender blossoms.  Blossom is embellished with calendula flowers.  Violet is embellished with chamomile flowers and lavender blossoms.

Manly is a spicey, slightly sweet "man" scent. Plain is unscented. Holiday Pine is a fresh pine scent with vanilla.

Dreams is hard to explain notes of fruit, spice and musk (dreamy!).  Coriander Rose has chia seeds which make it good for those wanting a "scrub". Preserves smells like Cranberry Preserves - smells good enough to eat!

Bay Rum. Sugar is embellished with chamomile and has a sweet scent.  Allspice is colored with carob or cocoa powder.

OMH contains raw honey and is embellished with rolled oats.  Citrus Basil is embellished with dried orange peel. Cherry Almond is colored with cinnamon.

All our soaps are made with olive oil, coconut oil, and fresh goat's milk.  Our scented soaps are colored and embellished with all natural additives such as herbs, spices, seeds and raw honey.  We do not use colorants or dyes. We use fragrance oils from reputable sources tested for safety in soaps and cosmetics. (Fragrance oils represent less than 3% the total product.) Our environmentally friendly soap is unwrapped.

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