Nigerian Dwarf Goats for Sale

Still Waters Nigerian Dwarf Herd: Our Story
Nigerian Dwarf goats are a true miniature dairy goat.  We look for our goats to produce at least 1 quart (2 lbs) per day.  Goats that earn milk stars produce more! They are also noted for having high butter fat percentages. We have had Nigerian Dwarf goats in our herd since 2008.  We sold our Texas herd of Nigerians, but retained bucks for our Mini Nubian breeding program.  A few years ago, we were impressed with how much improvement we have seen in the breed, and we missed having these little goats around, so we started a new herd of ADGA registered Nigerians. 2018 is the first year we have offered Nigerian does for sale.

We keep Nigerian Dwarf goats for our kids' 4-H projects, our goat milk soap business, and to demonstrate goat milking to the public at historical reenactments. We select for sweet temperaments, sound conformation, hardiness, and milk production. We have been testing yearly for CAE since around 2010 and only breed CAE negative goats.  After several years of negative tests, we now test our breeding does at the same time we send in their pregnancy tests. We have not had any problems with abscesses or chronic wasting. We dam raise our kids and follow a parasite prevention protocol. We keep the herd for our pleasure and enjoyment, and we hate selling down, but it is necessary to keep our head count down. Our loss is your gain!

We cannot hold a goat for you without a deposit. $50 reserves your goat until the agreed upon pick up time. Goats must be picked up within the agreed upon time frame or arrangements must be made to pay boarding fees, otherwise the deposit is forfeit. A deposit is refundable only if the goat's health prevents the sale.  All goats are sold "as is" and all sales are final.  No warranty is offered or implied.  Health information provided is for informational purposes only.

Please email for more information. 

SWF AL Margolah - SOLD

SWF AL Malka $350
SWF AB Shamayim $375


SWF AL Edom $400
SWF AL Michael - Reserved