Goats for Sale

Please email swgoats@yahoo.com for more information on any of these sale animals.

We don't have any goats for sale right now.  Our kidding season will begin in April.  We expect a good crop of Mini Nubians and some Nigerian Dwarf goats.

We cannot hold a goat for you without a deposit.  A deposit is refundable only if the goat's health prevents the sale. Goats must be picked up within the agreed upon timeframe or arrangements made to pay boarding fees, or the deposit is forfeit.


All goats are sold "as is"' and all sales are final.  No warranty is offered or implied.  Health information provided is for informational purposes only.


CAE is an infectious disease transmitted primarily to kids through milk.  It became widespread when dairies pooled their milk and bottle fed, thereby infecting the entire kid crop.  CAE is detrimental to dairy herds because it can ruin udders and shorten the useful lifespan of the goat.  Not only that, it can cause goats a great deal of pain.

We only breed does with negative test results through Biotracking.  We believe testing and using negative stock is the most effective way of eradicating this disease.