Friday, January 10, 2014

Animal Profiles - Still Waters Birdie

Birdie, senior doe, is a 9 year old (2005) grade Nubian doe.  Birdie is recorded grade with IDGR.  Birdie is our herd queen and my very first goat.  Although I have upgraded my herd significantly since I started, I still breed Birdie for Mini Nubians.  When Birdie came to me as a yearling, she had one teat because of a run in with a dog.  Nevertheless, she is an excellent milk goat and produces well over 8 lbs at peak with her good side.  Birdie, in all these years, has only ever had bucks!  I've lost count of how many bucks!  I'm still breeding her in hopes of a doeling, but I am no longer selling intact bucklings from Birdie.  Her bucklings will be available as wethers.  She is bred to Nosey for 1st generation (or NOA with TMGR) Mini Nubians.  That first doeling is mine!

Birdie has excellent breed characteristics.  She is solid black with white on her crown.


This is how we started!  I didn't have a milk stand for years!
Look how tiny Birdie was!
Her first buckling - Robin

A younger shot of Birdie

An older shot of Birdie

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