Friday, January 10, 2014

Animal Profiles - Pinckards NE Sarah Laughs

SALE PENDING! - $300, sold bred to Six Point Boilermaker for purebred Nubian kids

Sarah, Senior doe, is a purebred Nubian registered with ADGA. I bought her from a working dairy in East Texas prior to our move to Indiana. The foundation of the Pinckards herd was the Sojourners herd. I haven't been able to find a lot of details about this herd, but careful inspection of Sarah's pedigree reveals line breeding on some key individuals, indicating that care was taken in finding and utilizing productive bloodlines.

Sarah is broken red-brown with, white ears, muzzle and crown. She has not grown as large as I would have expected, but her first freshening she displayed a willingness to milk, providing for her twins without separation while giving us 2 lbs a milking at peak. I really did not have any complaints about her udder. (Sorry I do not have a photo.) She had twin Mini Nubian kids in 2013 and was bred to our new Nubian buck Boilermaker for purebred Nubians in 2014.

2014 buckling - purebred Nubian

2013 - twin Mini Nubians
Click to Enlarge the Pedigree
Sarah's 2013 daughter

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