Sunday, January 12, 2014

Animal Profiles - Eddy Place Merrylegs

Merrylegs is a 4th generation American Mini Nubian.  I do consider her "my best" Mini Nubian doe.  Merry peaked at 10 lbs production last year, and she has the best teats of any doe I've ever had - I call them spigot teats.  If I could consistently copy her over and over again, I would be thrilled!  Her first freshening I bred her to Still Waters King David.  Her daughter Challah is a lovely little doe, and son King Solomon won Grand Champion Junior Buck in the MDGA summer 2012 v-show.  In 2013 she was bred to Nosey and had 5th generation kids with lovely breed character.  We have repeated the breeding with Nosey for 2014.

Merrylegs is broken black with brown trim and some frosting.

Click to Enlarge Pedigree

Challah - 2012 daughter
2013 buckling
2014 doeling

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