Sunday, January 12, 2014

Animal Profiles - Eddy Place Marcie

Marcie is a 4th generation American Mini Nubian.  I owned her dam Bettye's Baby for a short time, but chose to sell her when we moved to Indiana and keep Marcie.  We bottle fed Marcie, and she had a better personality.  Marcie has kidded three times.  Crossing with Nosey is a close line breeding on their sire.  The kids have had nice breed character.  I retained her 2013 daughter Mary Pearl.  I bred Marcie to Dutch for 2014 to see what this combination would produce, and we got three very nice and flashy triplets.

Marcie is a red roan with a broken belt.

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Marcie's 2nd freshening

2014 Doeling

2014 Doeling

2014 buckling
Marcie's 2013 buckling and doeling - Mary Pearl

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