Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mini Nubian Does for Sale

We are undergoing some changes here on Still Waters Farm and need to reduce our herd size by 2/3rds.  This means we will be selling many animals we would otherwise keep!  Our loss is your gain! 

Animals are sold first come first served.  We cannot hold animals without a deposit.

Eddy Place Marcie - SOLD!

Still Waters LauraMae - SOLD!

Still Waters WH Fair Rivkah - SOLD!

Still Waters WH Sultan's Saffron - SOLD!
Still Waters "Morgan" - SOLD!

Still Waters "Shadowfax" - SOLD!

Bucks for Sale - Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Nubian

We are undergoing some changes here on Still Waters Farm and need to reduce our herd size by 2/3rds.  This means we will be selling many animals we would otherwise keep!  Our loss is your gain!

Our animals are sold first come first served. We cannot hold animals without a deposit. 

Eddy Place Nosey - SOLD!
Still Waters Royal Tea - SOLD!

CAE Policy
CAE is an infectious disease transmitted primarily to kids through milk.  It became widespread when dairies pooled their milk and bottle fed, thereby infecting the entire kid crop.  CAE is detrimental to dairy herds because it can ruin udders and shorten the useful lifespan of the goat.  Not only that, it can cause goats a great deal of pain.

We have only bred does with negative test results through bio-tracking.  If you are purchasing a kid and would like it tested, we can arrange to have that done before the kid leaves our premises.  It will be at added cost.  You may come observe the collection if you like.  We believe testing and using negative stock is the most effective way of eradicating this disease.

All goats are sold "as is" and all sales are final after the animal leaves our premises.  This policy is for the bio-security of our herd.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Animal Profiles - Still Waters Duchess

Duchess is a 4th Generation Mini Nubian Doe, born 3/29/13.  She is brown with black trim and a bit of white on the crown.  Duchess is a very deep bodied doe with really good breed characteristics - one of the better roman noses I've seen on a Mini Nubian.  I give a lot of my doelings extra time to grow, but Duchess was so well grown out, I decided to go ahead and breed her the first year.  She is bred to Dutch for 5th generation kids in 2014.


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Animal Profiles - Still Waters LauraMae

LauraMae is SOLD!
Includes free stud service Oct-Dec with a deposit!

LauraMae is a 1st Generation (3rd with IDGR) Mini Nubian, born 6/7/12.  She is broken red roan chamoisee with blue eyes.  She has a nice uphill, deep body.  She was bred to Dutch for 2nd Generation Mini Nubians kids in 2014.

LauraMae's daughter "Morgan" SOLD!
(LauraMae X Dutch)

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2014 1st freshening udder - sorry, unclipped
2014 buckling

2014 doeling "Morgan"

2014 buckling

Animal Profiles - Faithful Crown Indy Anna

Indy Anna is purebred Nubian doe, born 3/5/12.  She's brown, with black trim, white ears, crown and nose, with light frosting to her coat.  Indy was a slower maturing doe, so I decided to hold off on breeding her last year.  I'm glad I did.  She has developed into a nice uphill, deep bodied doe.  I'm excited to see what kind of udder she has when she freshens.  She is bred to Beau for 1st generation Mini Nubians in 2014.  She will be bred for Purebred Nubians in 2015. 
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Animal Profiles - Eddy Place Marcie

Marcie is a 4th generation American Mini Nubian.  I owned her dam Bettye's Baby for a short time, but chose to sell her when we moved to Indiana and keep Marcie.  We bottle fed Marcie, and she had a better personality.  Marcie has kidded three times.  Crossing with Nosey is a close line breeding on their sire.  The kids have had nice breed character.  I retained her 2013 daughter Mary Pearl.  I bred Marcie to Dutch for 2014 to see what this combination would produce, and we got three very nice and flashy triplets.

Marcie is a red roan with a broken belt.

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Marcie's 2nd freshening

2014 Doeling

2014 Doeling

2014 buckling
Marcie's 2013 buckling and doeling - Mary Pearl

Animal Profiles - Still Waters Challah

Challah is a first generation (4th generation with IDGR) Mini Nubian doe.  She is black and brown, broken belted with blue eyes.  Challah has freshened once with a single gorgeous buckling sired by Nosey.  Challah produced 4 lbs a day at peak with her first freshening.  She has fine dairy skin and easily milked teats.  She was a very willing milker with a pleasant personality.  Not full grown yet, but a delightful little first freshener.

Pictured here with "ear control".
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Challah's First Freshening

Challah's adorable buckling

Animal Profiles - Eddy Place Merrylegs

Merrylegs is a 4th generation American Mini Nubian.  I do consider her "my best" Mini Nubian doe.  Merry peaked at 10 lbs production last year, and she has the best teats of any doe I've ever had - I call them spigot teats.  If I could consistently copy her over and over again, I would be thrilled!  Her first freshening I bred her to Still Waters King David.  Her daughter Challah is a lovely little doe, and son King Solomon won Grand Champion Junior Buck in the MDGA summer 2012 v-show.  In 2013 she was bred to Nosey and had 5th generation kids with lovely breed character.  We have repeated the breeding with Nosey for 2014.

Merrylegs is broken black with brown trim and some frosting.

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Challah - 2012 daughter
2013 buckling
2014 doeling

Animal Profiles - Eddy Place Black Beauty

Black Beauty is a 3rd generation American Mini Nubian doe, born in 2007.  I purchased Beauty's daughter, Merrylegs, in the spring of 2010, and when I noticed Beauty was still for sale in the fall and was bred, I went back for her.  When I picked her up, Eddy said to me that he didn't know why she had not been picked out soon, cause she makes the most beautiful babies.  I have found this to be the case as well.  While Beauty is lovely in her own right; her daughter have shown improvement each year.  It is very hard not to have a herd full of Beauty's babies.  Beauty is bred to Dutch for 4th generation Mini Nubian kids in 2014.  We are excited to see what this outcross produces.

Beauty's daughter "Shadowfax" (4th generation) is SOLD!
Beauty X Dutch

Black Beauty is mostly black with brown trim, random white and frosted ears and muzzle.

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Beauty's daughter Merrylegs
Beauty's daughter Valentine
Beauty's daughter Duchess

Friday, January 10, 2014

Animal Profiles - Still Waters Birdie

Birdie, senior doe, is a 9 year old (2005) grade Nubian doe.  Birdie is recorded grade with IDGR.  Birdie is our herd queen and my very first goat.  Although I have upgraded my herd significantly since I started, I still breed Birdie for Mini Nubians.  When Birdie came to me as a yearling, she had one teat because of a run in with a dog.  Nevertheless, she is an excellent milk goat and produces well over 8 lbs at peak with her good side.  Birdie, in all these years, has only ever had bucks!  I've lost count of how many bucks!  I'm still breeding her in hopes of a doeling, but I am no longer selling intact bucklings from Birdie.  Her bucklings will be available as wethers.  She is bred to Nosey for 1st generation (or NOA with TMGR) Mini Nubians.  That first doeling is mine!

Birdie has excellent breed characteristics.  She is solid black with white on her crown.


This is how we started!  I didn't have a milk stand for years!
Look how tiny Birdie was!
Her first buckling - Robin

A younger shot of Birdie

An older shot of Birdie