Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Animal Profiles - Still Waters WH Royal Tea

Royal Tea is for Sale! - $250

Royal Tea is a first generation Mini Nubian buck.  He is a junior buck born June 5, 2012 and was used for breed service fall 2013.  Tea is a 50/50 cross - his sire is a purebred Nigerian Dwarf, and his dam is a purebred Nubian.  Both sire and dam have fine pedigrees coming from solid milking lines.  His dam, Pepper, has a very fine udder with very plumb, easily milked teats and good attachments.  Tea's full sister Saffron won Grand Champion Junior Doe at the National Goat Expo this fall.  Tea is red gold with random white markings.  He is a masculine buck with a strong topline.  Tea is currently registered with TMGR and eligible for registry with IDGR and MDGA.

Royal Tea at 2 years old

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