Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Animal Profiles - Still Waters King Solomon

King Solomon is sold!  

King Solomon is a 1st Generation (4th Generation with IDGR) Senior Herd Sire.  We used him for breed service only this year as we are focusing on out crossing a this time and not using any of our home grown bucks.  Solomon is frosted black and tan with frosted ears and blue eyes.  He is a very structurally correct buck, with alot of dairy character.  He was selected as Grand Champion Junior Buck in the MDGA Summer 2012 Virtual Show.  I consider Solomon's dam Merrylegs to be my best Mini Nubian doe.  She peaked at 10 lbs production this year.  She has very plumb, easy to milk teats, and a very firmly attached udder.  Solomon's sire entered TMGR through the Native on Appearance program, so Solomon would not be a good choice for MDGA herds.  He'd be a fine choice for an IDGR or TMGR registered herd.

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