Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Animal Profiles - HHF LGE Dutchman's Breeches

Dutch is our new 4th Generation Mini Nubian herd sire, coming from Hidden Hills Farm in Tennessee. He was born 3/2/13. He still has growing to do but is staying well put together through his adolescence. Dutch is a striking black and white, with blue eyes. He also has the sweetest temperament I've ever seen in a buck, and I have had many bucks. He is delightfully quiet.

Dutch has a lot of control to his ears. He can lay them down, but we don't see them down a lot. We are breeding him to does we feel have very good ears and noses. Dutch has a nice topline and milking genes in his pedigree. Featured in his pedigree is the Green Gables herd, which is to be commended for milk testing. I'm excited to see what this fresh infusion of genetic material does for our herd.

Click to Enlarge Pedigree

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