Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Animal Profiles - Still Waters WH Royal Tea

Royal Tea is for Sale! - $250

Royal Tea is a first generation Mini Nubian buck.  He is a junior buck born June 5, 2012 and was used for breed service fall 2013.  Tea is a 50/50 cross - his sire is a purebred Nigerian Dwarf, and his dam is a purebred Nubian.  Both sire and dam have fine pedigrees coming from solid milking lines.  His dam, Pepper, has a very fine udder with very plumb, easily milked teats and good attachments.  Tea's full sister Saffron won Grand Champion Junior Doe at the National Goat Expo this fall.  Tea is red gold with random white markings.  He is a masculine buck with a strong topline.  Tea is currently registered with TMGR and eligible for registry with IDGR and MDGA.

Royal Tea at 2 years old

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Animal Profiles - Still Waters King Solomon

King Solomon is sold!  

King Solomon is a 1st Generation (4th Generation with IDGR) Senior Herd Sire.  We used him for breed service only this year as we are focusing on out crossing a this time and not using any of our home grown bucks.  Solomon is frosted black and tan with frosted ears and blue eyes.  He is a very structurally correct buck, with alot of dairy character.  He was selected as Grand Champion Junior Buck in the MDGA Summer 2012 Virtual Show.  I consider Solomon's dam Merrylegs to be my best Mini Nubian doe.  She peaked at 10 lbs production this year.  She has very plumb, easy to milk teats, and a very firmly attached udder.  Solomon's sire entered TMGR through the Native on Appearance program, so Solomon would not be a good choice for MDGA herds.  He'd be a fine choice for an IDGR or TMGR registered herd.

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Animal Profiles - Texas Barn Stars Angie's Beau

Beau is our purebred Nigerian Dwarf herd sire.  He is registered with ADGA, AGS and NDGA.  He was born February 20, 2011. Beau has really matured nicely, and the pieces have fallen into place.  He is a nice uphill buck with a level top line. Beau comes from a line of proven milking Nigerians that have done well in the show ring as well. We are not a show herd, but Beau's daughters have done very well leading their classes at our local county fair.
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Animal Profiles - Six Point Boilermaker

Boilermaker is our purebred Nubian herd sire born February 2013.  He is registered with ADGA.  Boilermaker is a very smart looking junior buck, displaying much length of bone and body capacity.  He is brown speckled with white spots with frosted ears, muzzle and crown.  In the winter he puts on a black overcoat.  He also has a wonderful pedigree, coming from a long line of champions in the show ring and on the milk stand.

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Boilermaker sired 2 doelings and a buckling in 2014.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Animal Profiles - HHF LGE Dutchman's Breeches

Dutch is our new 4th Generation Mini Nubian herd sire, coming from Hidden Hills Farm in Tennessee. He was born 3/2/13. He still has growing to do but is staying well put together through his adolescence. Dutch is a striking black and white, with blue eyes. He also has the sweetest temperament I've ever seen in a buck, and I have had many bucks. He is delightfully quiet.

Dutch has a lot of control to his ears. He can lay them down, but we don't see them down a lot. We are breeding him to does we feel have very good ears and noses. Dutch has a nice topline and milking genes in his pedigree. Featured in his pedigree is the Green Gables herd, which is to be commended for milk testing. I'm excited to see what this fresh infusion of genetic material does for our herd.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Animal Profiles - Eddy Place Nosey

Nosey is sold!

He is a 4 year old 5th generation herd sire that has thrown many daughters with excellent breed characteristics and dairy conformation. He is registered with TMGR and IDGR and can be registered with MDGA.

Nosey is available for pick up at any time.
Nosey is our 5th generation Mini Nubian herd sire. He was born 2/19/2010. As the photos show, Mini Nubians continue to grow for several years.

Nosey is tan with dark trim, frosted ears and nose. In the winter he gets a dark overcoat.

We have used Nosey for breeding for several years, and he knows his job well.  Nosey has proven to throw kids with excellent breed character and dairy conformation.
Here are a few of Nosey's progeny:

Here is Nosey's Pedigree:
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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Breeding Plan is Posted!

Our 2014 breeding plan is now posted! - http://stillwatersfarm.blogspot.com/p/breeding-plan_28.html

I still need to update the photo and pedigree pages. Thanks for your patience!