Sunday, April 22, 2012

Black Beauty

Beauty freshened last Thursday with first generation kids out of Swashbuckler.  The buckling didn't get too much breed character unfortunately.  The doeling is a little better.  The buckling is for sale for $75 if taken within the first month.



Merrylegs freshened a little over a week ago as Sabbath was starting, a buck and a doe out of King David, so I named the buck King Solomon and the doe Challah.  These kids are 3rd generation.  I am very pleased with the breed character.  Both have the blue eyes we all like so much.  I am thinking of selling King David and going forward with King Solomon.  If anyone is interested in a two year old buck, take a look at him on my buck page.


King Solomon

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Strawberry freshened on Friday - triplets!  2 doelings and a buckling!  They are the cutest things ever - what else can I say?  I have no objectivity with newborns.

We've been calling the little buckling Pooh Bear.

Chocolate Bunny
Moon Pie
This is a fancy little gal.  I'm very please.  Wish she would have got the blue eyes too, but that is the way it goes.

Candy Cane

Candy freshened a week and a half ago with twins, a buck and a doe, out of Nosey.  These are 3rd generation Mini Nubians.  We've been calling the buckling Teddy, and the doeling Skittle.  It is going to be very hard to get me to sell a doeling.  I actually prefer to sell first fresheners after they freshen, so I can see their udders and production.  I really enjoy watching the babies grow.  Candy is giving me just over a pound right now in addition to feeding these two rapidly growing kids.  I estimate she is producing 3 lbs right now.  Her milk appears to be very high in butterfat.  I can't wait to get a test run on it to know the actual percentage.  Here are photos of Candy's udder (a week past freshening) and her babies (newborn and week old photos):

Newborn Teddy
Week Old Teddy
I strongly suspect those black strips will be very black in the winter.  Nosey has a black under coat that comes out in the winter and shed in the summer leaving him mostly brown.

Newborn Skittle
Week Old Skittle

Bucking for Herd Queen - look at all that daylight between the front legs - nice!


Birdie freshened three weeks ago.  She is giving 4 lbs (1/2 a gallon) in addition to feeding her buckling Blondie.  Birdie lost a teat to a dog back when she was a yearling, so this production is pretty impressive coming from one side.  The black buckling went to a new home where he was named "Rocky".  :)  Blondie is growing like a weed.  I'm quite taken with him.  I will sell him is someone wants him, but I'm not actively looking for a buyer right now.

Here are photos of Birdie's udder and Blondie: