Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Bowl Full of Babies!

Well, Birdie kidded last night with two gorgeous kids out of Wildheart.... Bucks *sigh*  6 freshenings out of different sires and never a doe.  How is it even possible?  I am super pleased with these two though.  Birdie delivered the flashy color like she always does, and I can see Wildheart's depth and conformation stamped all over them.  Wildheart has a single moon spot on his cheek.  The black kid has one on each cheek in the same spot, very cute. (All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.)

Their favorite spot to sleep

broken belted, spots on the other side

This little guy got his daddy's width

Sorry the udder is dirty.  It's a good photo of Birdie's udder at freshening.

Daddy's boy - a nice big sturdy buckling, better Nubian head than his brother.


Connie Mercer said...

they are darling~proud mama moment, right!!!

Angelia Mercer said...

Birdie and I are both very proud :)

Southrngrl72 said...

Beautiful boys!

eliya said...

NICE! That udder has some great capacity. I would for sure try and get some good pictures of it (rear, side and front) to put on your website. Udder pictures are extremely helpful for selling to serious breeders. Oh, and the boys are super cute too. ;-) Hope you get some doelings soon.

Angelia Mercer said...

Thanks Eliya! This was the first time I ever shaved her legs. I didn't realize how capacious it would look! Poor thing had one teat bit off by a dog as a yearling, so one half is not very pretty :(. She's never had a daughter, but she seems to have passed that capacity to granddaughters. :)

Kim Bishop said...

They are real cute.Looks like your gonna have your hands full.

ADK Goat Club said...

My Alpine doe has had 4 kiddings and always throws twin bucks, every time, regardless of the sire. I am starting to think it's not very mendelian of her to do that. Oh well, they are beautiful bucks so I can't complain.

Enjoy your kiddos!