Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Bowl Full of Babies!

Well, Birdie kidded last night with two gorgeous kids out of Wildheart.... Bucks *sigh*  6 freshenings out of different sires and never a doe.  How is it even possible?  I am super pleased with these two though.  Birdie delivered the flashy color like she always does, and I can see Wildheart's depth and conformation stamped all over them.  Wildheart has a single moon spot on his cheek.  The black kid has one on each cheek in the same spot, very cute. (All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.)

Their favorite spot to sleep

broken belted, spots on the other side

This little guy got his daddy's width

Sorry the udder is dirty.  It's a good photo of Birdie's udder at freshening.

Daddy's boy - a nice big sturdy buckling, better Nubian head than his brother.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Brooding the Home Flock

Our baby chicks are 2 week old now.  This has not been the easiest brooding I've ever done.  I decided not to order from Ideal in Texas like I always do, so the chicks wouldn't have to travel so far.  I ordered from Murray McMurray instead.  The chicks arrived promptly on a cold blustery day - the one cold day in all these unseasonably warm days we've been having!  The kids were already pasting up when I got them, which is a sign of stress.  (Pasting up is when their droppings stick to their bottoms.  Can be life threatening if not removed.) 

I tried brooding them in the garage which is warm, but things were not going well.  I don't know if it was drafty or what.  And I tried to use straw as bedding which I've never done before.  I lost a couple to what looked like failure to thrive and another to what looked like respiratory distress.  I had two in sick bay in my bathroom for a few days - one with a cut leg and another showing signs of respiratory distress like the others. 

I put the whole flock on antibiotics and moved them to a new brooder in our little old fashioned milk house.  The floor is concrete in the milk house and the concrete goes up the wall a foot or so.  I created a divider out of cardboard and filled the space with a bale of shavings.  The chicks act much more comfortable in this space.  It's been about half a week now that everyone has seemed perfectly ok, so hopefully we are out of the woods.  These pictures were taken the day we put them in the milk house.  They are already much bigger and have alot more feathers.  They are Buff Rocks, Barred Rocks, and Eygptian Fayoumis.  I like to cross the Rocks and the Fayoumis for a hybrid I'm calling Fayoumi X Rock.  The Fayoumis are good scrappy free rangers.  Crossing them with the Rocks gives a little bit bigger bird.

Friday, March 16, 2012

New Nubian Does

Over the past year, I have purchased three purebred Nubians for creating new first generation Mini Nubian crosses.  Just this past week we picked up Indy Anna from the Faithful Crown herd.  We are just delighted with this little lady.  She may be " just brown", but she is a beauty!  Below I posted photos of two does I bought from Fairmeadow Farm in Texas last summer - Pepper and Sarah.  The funny thing with them is Pepper got the long ears, and Sarah got the better nose. :)
Faithful Crown Indy Anna
Sire: RW Time of Zepher
(SS: Jesta Farm Show Time Cedric, SD: RW Lark's Scooten' Zoe)
Dam: RW Smoothie Delight
(DS: RW Break For Smoothie AI, DD: RW Isabella)

Pinkards NN Czar's Pepper
Sire: Pruittville's Czar Nicholas
(SS: Blissberry Mr. Goodbar *B, SD: Pruittville's Berry Parade)
Dam: Pinckards ACS Nutmeg Spice
(DS: Sojourners Remember the Alamo, DD: Sojourners Cinnamon Spice)

Pinckards NE Sarah Laughs
Sire: Sojourners Remember the Alamo
(SS: Longman's HM Nehemiah *B, SD: Sojourners Texas Bluebonnet)
Dam: Pinckards GZ Esther
(DS: Sojourners SH Gabriel, DD: Sojourners DN Zipporah)