Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year

2012 literally blew in yesterday.  Our bedroom is on the north wall of the house, and I as I woke I heard strong winds buffeting house.  The winds blew all day and seemed to be searching for ways in the house.  We decided to decrease the number of bucks in our goat herd, and it seemed auspicious that we sold one on January 1st, so our first entry in the farm ledger is a deposit rather than a debit.

At feeding time the wind rattled the metal sides and roof.  I felt as if I were stepping into the workings of some giant machine.  The goats seem cozy enough bedded down in the straw.  It makes me wonder what we have given up living in our hermetically sealed, climate controlled houses.  We seem to be a sensory seeking society, perpetually in pursuit of stimulation.

As I worked I detected a new sound on the roof.  Rain?  I slid open the door to the lean to and stepped into the aisle, only to stop short.  A field mouse turned his beady black eyes on me with a startled expression.  How can a mouse have an expression, you ask?  I don’t know.  It is a curious thing, but it was incontrovertibly obvious.  I’m not one to be spooked by mice.  I’m little concerned by their scurrying about.  However, once in Texas, I lifted a bag of feed and had a mouse scurry across my trunk.  I assure you the reaction was strong and visceral!

The little creature popped into his hole under the wall of the barn, and I proceeded down the aisle of the lean-to.  It was at this time I noticed the eerie creaking of the old wooden gates that divide the lean-to.  Hollywood sound engineers couldn’t have done better.  I was a pleasantly terrifying sound.  These are the simple delights of farm life.

I called to our pony, and discovered the new sound of the roof was not rain, but white particles not quite ice, yet not quite snow.  Today the winds do not blow quite so hard.  The air is filled with powdery white snow flurries which swirl every which way.  Snow is a delightful thing when one is tucked safely inside with a sweater and an afghan.  Soon enough though, I must venture forth!

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