Sunday, January 22, 2012

Horray for Hay

We are so pleased with the hay we are getting here in Indiana.  The goats are looking great.  So gratifying after such lean times this summer in Texas.

This is the alfalfa mix that we get from a farm a few houses down the road.  The goats love it - they really like the stemmy parts of it too.

This is an orchard grass mix we picked up that is leafier, but not as bright green.  The goats seem to waste it, so the pony is eating it.
Pregnant ladies bellied up to the hay feed.  Feeders are just a piece of hog panel zip tied across the corners of the stalls.

Haven't been seeing alot of Birdie's head lately...

Nosey and Marcie enjoying a bite.

Took this photo to show Marcie's interesting coat.  She's roaned (white hairs sprinkled in) all over but has more white hair and some gray hair in the front.

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Mimi Foxmorton said...

They are just the cutest goaties ever, ever! ;)

Have fun with the tapestry crochet!
It's so addicting!

John Deer should be rather easy....just put it on graph paper. Lots of angles.

Show us when you're done?

Have a lovely, lovely week and thanks for stopping by!

The Goat Borrower