Monday, October 24, 2011

My Pal Robin

The moment my first kid hit the ground, I was hooked on goats!
They aren't horses, but they are still very pretty!

Birdie had one nice growthy buckling, Robin.

I knew I couldn't sell this kid, so I bought a doeling to breed him to, Lily.

I used Robin for four years.  Never did get a doeling out of him and Lily. 
I got pretty daughters out of his other "wife", Chinaberry though.

Last year I bred him back to Birdie, and now I have this lovely wether named Jacob.
Birdie and Robin are grade Nubians.  They have something in them that makes them smaller
than most purebred Nubians.  I like their smaller size.  Wish I knew what it was that makes them smaller.
Breeding Mini Nubians by crossing Nigerian Dwarf goats with Nubians,
doesn't get this kind of breed character. 
I sold both Robin's "wives" and didn't need to use him this year.
So happy trails, ol' pal!


Eliya said...

WOW, Robin looks a TON like two kids we had here, Johann and Zorro. See them in the links below:

Angelia Mercer said...

Aw, how sweet! I am a sucker for black with white!