Monday, May 2, 2011

Broody Hen

One of my newer Barred Rock hens decided to go broody.  She was very diligent.  Every night I would go to get the eggs, and she would be sitting on them.  She was very irritated whenever I would take them.  So after a couple weeks, I decided to let her try to sit some.  I turned our dog house into a brooder.  (The dog is sleeping in the kid's playhouse anyway.)  After six days, I went out there, and she had just up and left.  It had been several hours, so I was worried the embryos would have died.  But I went and fetched her - she was back in the old coop sitting on the day's eggs.  I told her to get back on the eggs.  She settled in and sat for two more weeks.  Went out to peak at her Sat morning and wonder of wonders, there were 10 baby chicks under her.  Only two eggs did not make it.  I understand this to be an excellent hatch rate.


Lanita said...

I just love baby chicks - they are my favorite. Of course I am a chick lover from way back.

rachel said...

I'm borrowing your chick pics for reference materials :) Love the pictures. If you have more of the chickens and would like to email them to me I'd love them! Thanks Rach