Monday, May 16, 2011

2nd Generation Buckling - $150

Sire: Eddy Place Nosey (5th Generation)
Dam: Ordered Steps Annie (1st Generation)
Born: April 27

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Monday, May 2, 2011

New Herd Sires

I'm bringing in some new bloodlines this year.  Alot of us in Texas are working with animals from the same original crosses.  I think we are going to need infusions of new crosses as there haven't been enough made yet (in my humble opinion).  So I am hunting down really excellent stock for the first crosses, using goat math.  Goat math is this - sell two cheap goats, buy one better goat.  When you see someone who has really pricey goats and you wonder how in the world they can afford it, I believe Goat Math is how.  Each year using goat math I try to bring in better bloodlines.  HOWEVER, you also learn over time working with bloodlines what you like.  Some of my original animals are still some of my favorites with characteristics that I do not always find elsewhere.  Here are two yearling bucks that I brought home a couple weeks ago from Pine Shadows.  They are just fabulous.  I went for Wildheart, but when I got Swashbuckler home, I wasn't sure that I didn't like him the best.  They are half brothers, and both very nice.  Pedigrees here for now:
Wild Heart

Pine Shadows JJ Swashbuckler (formerly Red Ryder)

Broody Hen

One of my newer Barred Rock hens decided to go broody.  She was very diligent.  Every night I would go to get the eggs, and she would be sitting on them.  She was very irritated whenever I would take them.  So after a couple weeks, I decided to let her try to sit some.  I turned our dog house into a brooder.  (The dog is sleeping in the kid's playhouse anyway.)  After six days, I went out there, and she had just up and left.  It had been several hours, so I was worried the embryos would have died.  But I went and fetched her - she was back in the old coop sitting on the day's eggs.  I told her to get back on the eggs.  She settled in and sat for two more weeks.  Went out to peak at her Sat morning and wonder of wonders, there were 10 baby chicks under her.  Only two eggs did not make it.  I understand this to be an excellent hatch rate.