Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bittersweet Good Byes

One of the hardest parts of goat raising is knowing you can't keep them all. This week I decided to pass our Alpine-Nubian cross doe Lily on to another family. Lily was my third goat . She has been a good milker that provided my human babies with many glasses of wholesome milk. We brought her up from South Texas. We did not always have an easy relationship. As a kid she was decidedly wild and very fast. Even in a tiny pen, she was hard to catch. The first year her teats were so tiny and hard to milk, I felt like crying at milking time. She jumped around like crazy and tipped the bucket many times! But eventually she settled into her job. Her teats elongated and became easier to milk, and she learned to stand. If you bring food, she'll come to you without issue. Without food, well, that's just a matter of her whims! She was a good learning experience, and that is why I felt she would be a good fit for this other family who is just starting out with goats. I highly recommend that anyone looking into getting started with goats try hard to find a fully grown goat at has been milked before. It's not easy to find, and I wish I had one to sell every person that calls! But if you can find a goat like this to learn on, you'll never regret it!

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