Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Still Waters Farm Updates

Here on Still Waters Farm we are busy as always.  I wanted to draw your attention to a few changes on the website.  If you look at the top bar, you will see our Breeding Plan . This has been updated to reflect the current status of our herd.  I purchased several new Mini Nubians this fall, and they are bred.  You can also check out the Ordered Steps Ranch page.  There you will find Mini Nubians that are for sale at farm that is not far from us.  If you are looking to start a herd or add to the one you've got, I encourage you to take a look!

We have 4 kids on the farm that were born this January.  Chinaberry has a lovely blue eyed set of 1st generation kids (75/25) - one boy and one girl.  And Lily has had another set of full size dairy bucklings (I've given up on her ever having doelings - these are boys 5 and 6).   Both of these does were bred to Robin.  We have 2 does expected to kid in February, and more due in March and April.  Baby photos are up!

We also had a snow here which is somewhat unusual, and I got some fabulous photos I would like to share, so keep checking back!

Angelia Mercer

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