Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Photo Day!

Birdie, our herd queen, had twins last night.  Gorgeous!  It was a seemly successful mother-son breeding.  Unfortunately they are bucks - bucks 7 and 8 for ol' Bird.  They say the buck determines the sex, but I don't believe it.  Birdie has been covered by 5 different bucks and produced bucklings every time.  I guess it could be dumb luck, but I'm prone to think she's contributing in some way.  I've tried the apple cider vinegar in the drinking water with her, and that hasn't helped.  Any who... these guys are super cute and super sweeties.  This is my absolute favorite color pattern, just like daddy Robin.  Unfortunately if they grow up to be bucks, all that pretty white will be orange most of the time with urine, so I'm really leaning toward wethering (neutering) and training them to pull a cart.  Wouldn't they make a handsome pair of cart goats?  I've named them Jacob and Esau.  Seems to fit - Esau is a bit bigger, and Jacob is more of a talker.

Now, the birth went well.  I followed my own directives (see "Goatherds are Not Midwives") and sat on my hands.  It was the first time I ever saw an abnormal presentation - one front leg was tucked under on the second kid.  We waited and waited, and I wondered how long it would take for that second kid to come.  As long as Birdie was up on her feet and not in distress, I wasn't going to mess with things.  Kid crowned and went back in 2 or 3 times.  Finally I saw a foot and head.  I cleared the little guys airway, and he sucked on my finger.  The going was slow, and I realized I wasn't seeing a second leg.  It was a simple matter to loop my finger around that second foot and bring it to the front, and then the birth proceeded.  The kids are doing well, but it's a chilly day, so I decided sweaters were in order.

Martha's kid Dolley is shaping up well.  She reminds me alot of Martha.

We got another new Mini Nubian doe.  This is Annie from the Ordered Steps herd in Jacksonville.  She's a looker.  She's in the breeding pen now with Nosey.  Annie has great conformation; look how she posed for the photo!

This is our new pony Buster.  He's the best pony on the planet.  I have never known a horse or pony as well trained as this one.

Love my animals....

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