Monday, November 15, 2010

New Girls!

Eddy Place Black Beauty (Merryleg's mama) gen3
Eddy Place Bettye's Baby gen3

Had to snatch these to gals up.  To fine to pass up!  Beauty is at the height maximum for minis, but our herd tends toward the minimum, so I don't think it will be a problem.  Beautiful conformation, and I saw that udder this spring - looking forward to all that milk!  They are both bred to Hershey -
Somebody needs to snap him up; he's gorgeous.

I *really* want to get a doe from the Ordered Steps herd too.  I have to wait until one of the Nigerians sells.  I also need to breed Nosey to one more doe.  I have to breed him to 3 does, before he can get his Purebred certificate.  Three were exposed to him, but I think only two are bred by him.

AGS registered Nigerian Dwarf goats for sale!  Take a look at the breeding plan tab above for photographs.

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