Friday, November 12, 2010

Crotched Diaper Cover Pattern (Tickle Turdle)

So I found out something kind of disturbing today.  Even when you take down a website and quit paying for it.  It can be archived and remain on the internet for posterity!  So be careful little fingers what you type!

But this is rather harmless, so for fun I thought I'd share.  Once upon a time before I had a real life - lol - I had this little endeavor crocheting and knitting baby things.  (Not that people that crochet and knit baby things don't have a life.  But admittedly, I didn't ;-P)  This was my little website - isn't it cute?:

This gal didn't like how I wrote the pattern so wrote her own :-)

Now I did figure something out that I never posted on the internet.  If you take some of that elastic thread and  crochet it in with the final row or two of the edging on the wrap, it makes the legs snugger.  I liked to use these wraps with Kissaluvs:

PS Now I'm knitting leg warmers for my little dancers with the round knitting loom.  Very cute!!

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