Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nigerian Dwarf Herd For Sale

After a long deliberation, we have decided to sell our entire herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats in order to focus exclusively on raising Mini Nubians.  We will only be retaining our senior buck Sam Houston.  We are asking $1,000 for the entire herd which includes one doe in milk with her doeling (weaning age), one bred doe, 2 does in the breeding pen, and our junior buck.  Photographs of all can be found at the tab up top for "ND breeding plan" and pedigrees at the tab for "ND Pedigrees".  We have alot of color and blue eyes in our herd, as well as milking potential in the pedigree.  All are AGS registered.  We prefer to sell the entire herd at this time, rather than break it up.  Please email for more information.

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