Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2011 Breeding Plan - Does Due in Jan/Feb

The first set of does have been breed for 2011. These does will be having kids in January and February. For photos of the bucks please look here.

Duck's Mini Herd Ginger Rogers - AGS Nigerian Dwarf (sire-Dean's Funny Farm Little B, dam Owl's Roost Hope)

Notes: Nice lines. We bred Ginger for the first time this year. She had good udder quality - it was hard to gauge production as I didn't milk her right away, and she only had one kid. Bred to Sam Houston.

Duck's Mini Herd Chinaberry - IDGR Grade Experimental Miniature Nubian 1st generation (sire Dean's Funny Farm Zeus, dam Dewberry NOA Nubian) blue eyes

Notes: Bred to Robin. Kid's will be first generation. We have got two fine bucks and two fine does out of this breeding. We milked her daughter Cranberry this year, and she has a nice level lactation curve and excellent udder quality. Easily hand milked.

Still Waters Cranberry - IDGR Grade Experimental Miniature Nubian 1st generation (sire Still Waters Robin, dam Duck's Mini Herd Chinaberry) blue eyes

Notes: Cranberry's udder is easy on the hands, and she's kept the milk coming in since Feb. This year she was bred to Sam Houston. (Unfortunately she wouldn't stand for Nosey - she wanted an older, more fragrant mate - so we're probably going to get more first generation babies. Lesson learned that it is better to keep the older guys around until the younger guys are fully mature.)

Still Waters Mulberry - IDGR Grade Experimental Miniature Nubian 1st generation (sire Still Waters Robin, dam Duck's Mini Herd Chinaberry) blue eyes

Notes: First Freshener. Hoping she shapes up like Cranberry. She's looking good. Bred to Nosey. Kids will be second generation.

Rio Leche Farm Lily - IDGR Grade Experiemental Nubian/Alpine (sire Mr Coffee Bean, dam Freckles)

Notes: Bred to Robin. This pair keeps giving me bucks. 5 total so far. Giving it one last shot for a doe. Lily is a solid gallon milk goat with a decently level lactation curve.

Monday, September 13, 2010

2011 Breeding Plan - Our Bucks

Still Waters Robin - IDGR grade Nubian (sire "Danny" dam Still Waters Birdie)

Notes: Birdie was our first milk goat. She has been a reliable milker with a nice dairy profile. We used Robin lightly his first 3 seasons. I milked his daughter Cranberry this year. He contributed a beautiful Nubian conformation and milking capability. Cranberry has a soft, easily milked udder and a level lactation curve.

Still Waters Sam Houston - AGS purebred Nigerian Dwarf blue eyes (sire Duck's Mini Herd Davy Crockett dam Dean's Funny Farm Princess Di) about 22"

Notes: Great grandfather was MCH Piddlin Acres Blue Thunder ++*S VG - scroll down here to take a look at him, you can see where that black and white pattern is coming from! Sam seems to be carrying it strong as all Sam's kids have been some version of black and white or nearly black and white. Sam takes after mama being a stockier type ND - good rumen capacity, but I'd like to see more refined muscling. (Though when you get down to his level and look good, he's an improvement over mama in the muscling department.) Sam threw 4 doeling last year and 1 buckling. We have two daughters that will be ready for breeding next summer.


Still Waters King David - IDGR Grade Experimental Miniature Nubian - 2nd Generation, blue eyes (sire Ordered Steps Mordechai dam Still Waters Cranberry) about 24"

Notes: What can I say? He's beautiful! (click on picture to get a better look) Can't wait to see his kids! Mom is Cranberry mentioned above.

EddyPlace Nosey - MDGR American Miniature Nubian - 5th Generation (sire Double-R-Farm CM Hershey dam EddyPlace Nelda II) about 23-24"

Notes: We purchased Nosey this spring from Eddy Ailstock who has a beautiful herd of Miniature Nubians. We hope Nosey will contribute improved breed character, strong legs and improved udders. Mom has a very nice looking bag. GREAT EARS!

Still Waters Daniel Boone - AGS Purebred Nigerian Dwarf (sire Still Waters Sam Houston dam Duck's Mini Herd Ginger Rogers)

Notes: Daniel has beautiful lines and more refined muscling coming from his mother. Ginger had good udder quality this first freshening, but I must admit I chose not to milk her this year.

RESERVATION POLICY - I don't take reservations on kids prior to their birth. Once kids hit the ground, I post if they are avaliable. At that time I will reserve them for $25 first come first serve - the fee is non-refundable, except in the event something happens to the kid. It is your responsiblity to arrange pick up time around the time of weaning. You are invited to make an appointment to come see the kid prior to reservation. I will not allow bottlefeeding except to someone with a really compelling argument - ie you are making a trek to get here. (This is to insure you get the most healthy kid possible from our farm.)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A poetry break

by Sidney King Russell

Agatha Morley all her life
Grumbled at dust like a good wife.
Dust on a table, dust on a chair
Dust on a mantel she couldn't bear.
She forgave faults in man and child
But a dusty shelf would set her wild
She bore with sin without protest
But dust thoughts preyed upon her rest.
Agatha Morley is sleeping sound
Six feet under the mouldy ground.
Six feet under the earth she lies
With dust at her feet and dust in her eyes.

What battles are you fighting?
If you died today, would you be glad you chose those battles to fight?
Are you fighting a loosing battle?
If you knew you would loose the battle in the end, is it still worth fighting?
What rewards do you seek?
Temporal rewards? Or eternal?