Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chick and Kit Pics

Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, Eygptian Fayoumi

These are old pictures. We received our chicks from Ideal Poultry at the beginning of May. I've just been too busy to make any posts! We got 4 Buff Orpington, 4 Ameraucana, and 6 Barred Rock pullets, and 1 Eygptian Fayoumi rooster. We moved the old flock of Barred Rocks into a new coop in the horse shelter, and we're using our old coop as grower housing for the new flock.

I'm a little nervous about what is going to happen when I turn the new flock loose since I have 2 roosters and 2 flocks. But hopefully they'll work it out without too much bloodshed. I hope our new rooster - Ali - won't get his butt kicked and all his ladies stolen. I'd prefer if they'd just keep their distance from each other, but I don't know if that is what will happen or not. I guess I won't worry about it now - they are still too little to turn out (I prefer to let them get pretty big before I let them out in the big wide world).

I like buying the chicks straight from the hatchery. Both times I've brooded, I haven't lost a one. It was fun to buy some new varieties. I liked the Barred Rocks, but I can't tell one from the other. The Eygptian Fayoumi is supposed to be a good free ranger, so I'm hoping he'll influence the hens not to be too lazy.

Moving the old flock was a good decision. In their older age, they had got really lazy about flying up over the goat fence to free range. Instead they were sitting around tearing up the ground in the buck pens. The horse fence is just wire, so they can get out and roam easier.

I also aquired 2 barn cats (actually they live in the kids' playhouse). Some folks came and bought a goat and talked me into two kittens. Financially probably not a good move since now I have to get them fixed (there went my goat money). But it has been a wonderful move as far as my human kids are concerned. They are much more inclined to want to go out and play now that they have kittens living in their playhouse. We live way off the road so I'm not as worried about them as I would be. We have two house cats, but I've never had outdoor cats before. It's quite fun to see their antics. Sweet Pea named the younger one Briar Rose. And Elle named the calico Princess Annaliese (after I explained *she* couldn't be Prince Phillip). At my request the names have been shortened to Anna and Rosa.