Monday, May 17, 2010

More Praise for the Henry Milker

I posted awhile back about the Henry Milker that I bought to train my miniature goats to stand for milking.

At the time I really liked the design, but I did find it rather hard work to pump it up. Well, the short of it is I had a defective pump! When it finally broke on me, and I reported it to Mr. Henry, he was good enough to send me another, and this pump is a dream!! It really does work just as he says - a few pumps and the milk flows and you sit there and watch the jar fill! I find it empties the udder very efficiently. I do give it a few bumps at the end and strip it out by hand into the teat cup. I'm very impressed with this product and give it a big thumbs up. Customer service is impeccable too.

On a more personal note, I'm down to milking 2 goats once a day. I hate knowing I'm loosing some of their milk supply, but I just couldn't keep it up! I don't know where the spring has gone! I'm seriously contemplating how I am going to do breeding and kidding next year. I need to streamline things a little better.

Cranberry has a beautiful little udder for a first freshener. I actually gush each time I milk her, because even hand milking her is easy peasy. I hope her full sister born this year turns out to be just a good. It gives me a real sense of satisfaction to see that I have improved my goats through my planned breeding - that Cranberry is better than her mother. I hope some day I'll have all the doe kids that people want and not too many buck kids. (Still got bucks for sale - make me an offer people!!) :-)

We got several baby chicks brooding right now. I'll have to get pictures of them up soon.


Henry Milker said...

I cannot believe it, the Henry Milker is featured in the Jan/Feb addition of the "Dairy goat Journal". My copy of the magazine just arrived in the mail today. It's a "dream come true". I was interviewed several months ago and had no idea they would include all of my's a dream come true because the article mentions my dad and mom (who are both deceased...but they can still read) my dear mother-in-law and the absolute lights of my life, my wife Lindsay and daughter Phoebe.

Angelia Mercer said...

Aw, that's fantastic! So happy for you - there you go, you make a good product, treat people right, and you get rewarded. :)