Saturday, May 8, 2010

Circle of Life

Sad news, one of the little doelings I held in my hands as she took her first breath a month ago took her last breath in my hands yesterday morning. Little black and white Princess Jasmine died of heart failure - I suspect due to white muscle disease, a condition caused by selenium and/or vit E deficiency. Snow White, her sister, is our little floppy invalid is still improving. We gave her a round of Selenium and vitamin E injections (BoSe), and she's much stronger. She still has a ways to go though before she'll be able to get out of her box and be a goat. I believe both these goats suffered from Selenium and Copper deficiency. I increased the mineral consumption of the entire herd by topdressing with Manna Pro goat minerals, and leaving out large amounts of feed store goat minerals. The animals have been packing away the minerals. The doelings' mother Princess Di is looking much better - her normal color is returning. I am considering whether or not I will breed her this fall. I may hold off and breed her for a summer kidding. In fact, I may hold all the NDs off to kid in summer. This was not a great year for me and the NDs...

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