Monday, April 26, 2010

For Sale

Still Waters Little John - Little John is SOLD!

At this time I have no other goats for sale. Birdie is due in June and Martha in august. Likely only bucklings will be for sale. Next year though, be looking for does to come up for sale. We have a wonderful foundation now!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

We've Got Color, Yes We Do, We've Got Color, How 'Bout You?

The kidding season has been a little rough for my Nigerian Dwarf herd. I changed feedstores this winter and failed to notice that the feed I switched too lacked copper and selenium. Copper and selenium are VERY important. Important for horses too - I had noticed the horses were going through the mineral blocks really quick for winter time.

I already reported that Mulan had a stillborn. Princess Di had 2 does, but the excitement quickly turned to sadness when we realized that one of them has bad eyes and couldn't stand. I have been nursing Snow White for 2 weeks, and she's made dramatic improvement, but she still is not mobile on her feet (though she can do a great crab crawl). I know we goat people have mixed emotions about these situations. Many - perhaps wisely - would have put her down at birth. But there are quite a few softees who would keep on trying. I'm going to give her a little more time to try and gain some mobility, though I'm told this kind of damage is largely irreversible. But look at this face - see why it is so hard?

The next picture is of Snow White's sister, Jasmine. A very flashy little girl with blue eyes!

Ginger had one baby boy, Daniel Boone. Daniel is a very interesting dark chocolate color with flashy white markings, and spots. His eyes are kind of a weird combo right now with blue in the middle, but I bet they just go on and turn brown.

Doesn't he just look like he's saying "what the?"

Martha apparently wasn't ready to be bred in November. We've had her in the breeding pen with Sam Houston for almost 6 weeks, so hopefully late summer, we'll see some more little ones. I don't know if our herd queen Birdie is bred or not. If so we'll have a 50/50 MiniNubian out of her in June. I suspect the copper thing may have been playing havoc with her as well. We are very lucky to have learned this lesson without more losses.