Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh Lily, What have you done?

I was hoping against hope that Lily would have a doe this year, but alas, here are bucklings 4 and 5. 3 years, 5 bucks! When I named her Lily, I had all these lovely flower names picked out for her little doelings, but no dice. While the berries flourish in the herd, the flowers do not. (Birdie was supposed to give me all these does to name after birds, but so far no luck with her either! Maybe this year?)

She always has such nice little bucks. These are brown roan color with white markings and black points. Nice toplines showing on day one. They are full size dairy bucks. Both are avaliable for reserve.


Linda said...

Perhaps offering ACV in the goats water will help with more does... that is what I have read anyways. Now watch my doe have triplets and all bucks! LOL

Mama Mercer said...

I tried that ACV this year - doesn't seem to have done a thing. It does make their coats really shiney though. I guess it's got lot's of good minerals.