Monday, March 22, 2010

Lost One

Sadly, little Mulan, my spotted Nigerian Dwarf lost her baby. She had a little brown haired, brown eyed buckling. When I went to check on her, I found the baby in the shelter. It was cleaned up, but life-less. Not sure what happened. If it was a difficult birth or what. He was larger, but didn't look too large. Poor thing. She seems pretty sad about it. She's sticking pretty close to her own mama, who is due to have kids in April. *sigh* Anyone who thinks animals don't have feelings is kidding theirselves.

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LittleHugs said...

Poor Mulan. Yes animals feel loss just as much as a human does. Look at Dinah and Star bright or Ashlee and Dinah. Just as close as those kitty pairs got living together, they felt the loss of their "sister" for weeks to months afterwords. I'm sure a mama would feel their loss that much more too.