Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Figuring Out Ears

I find the classification of Mini-Nubian ears to be a little confusing. My buck Mordechai has 2/3 or 3/4 drop ears. I bred him to a 75/25 with full drop ears, and I got this -

Contrast that with his "uncle" a 75/25 -

Refer to daddy at the same age and now-

What you you think? Will the buckling at the top have full drop ears? Or will they stiffen more? If I breed him to mamas with less than full drop ears will my chances of getting good ears be enhanced or diminished?


Linda said...

I wish I knew the answer because I will be starting MiniNubians with a Nigerian Buck and a Nubian doe. They will be bred this fall for an early spring kidding... I am eagerly following along with your blog. I know what I want to achieve but not sure how to get there because I am brand new at this! Of course, I have lots of ideas! LOL

Mama Mercer said...

With a 50/50 cross Linda, you will probably get airplane ears - ears that stick straight out to the sides. If you breed that 50/50 back to a full Nubian, then you'll get good ears and be able to go on from there. Seems so easy on paper :D A couple years and you've got a barn yard full of goats you're emotionally attached too with all kinds of ears :D

Mama Mercer said...

The consensus from various blogs seems to be that King David (the buckling in question) will probably have alot of control over his ears. They are long and probably won't go real short. Now that I've been obsessing, I've realized that my full size Nubians have quite a bit of control too. I look out, and it seems like everybody is doing the "flying nun" thing. Lol!