Tuesday, March 9, 2010

$15 down the drain...

OK, so I bought this tip for my Rinehart X40 dehorner -
Unfortunately, I didn't notice when I was buying it that it said it was for the X50 only :-(
Tonight I really needed to disbud the 2 full size bucklings. So I changed out the tip - noticed it was a little wobbly - huh, that's weird. There's a little metal rectangle that goes on the screw - I added another of these from another tip thinking the screw was just too short. I seemed to fit good then.
I heated up the iron, and grabbed the first one. First thing I noticed was that the shape was awesome. These little guys have some pretty significant horn buds already, and I've always had trouble with bucks getting scurs. I taken everybody's advice. I know I'm doing it right. I redo, and still they all end up with scurs. I thought this tip might be my answer.
But then the trouble started. I noticed that the X40 was glowing red, but the buck tip was not. Then I noticed I was not getting a good fast burn or a copper ring. The little guy was doing so good. I'd burn a little then wait for it to heat up again. But in the end, I had to give up. Of course, now the dehorner is burning hot, so I can't change out the tip anytime soon. Tomorrow, I have to try again with my normal tip, and the poor little guy is going to have to have another quick reburn, cause he never did have a good copper ring.
Hehe, maybe I need to buy and X50 to go with my $15 buck tip. Sadly, I don't think hubby would go for that!

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