Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February Babies are Here!

So, I tried this trick of putting apple cider vinegar in the drinking water to try to influence more girls. Didn't work this month at least. Chinaberry had a girl and a boy, and Cranberry had just one boy. I'm amazed that the two boys ended up with nearly the same color pattern. I love the white ears on black. Black babies are so pretty - their fur looks so much like fine velvet.

Mulberry was born first of Chinaberry and Robin. She looks so much like Chinaberry. All her kids have had that cute little face at birth. Good ears - could stiffen, but I don't think so - blue eyes. Mulberry will be retained for the herd.

"Batman" is Mulberry's twin, also with blue eyes and good ears. He was born ready to go. Within an hour of birth, he was already trying to take off to explore. Very cute kid. "Batman" is currently reserved.

King David was born of Cranberry and Mordechai. He is a second generation Mini-Nubian. He also has blue eyes, and LOOONG ears. His little face favors daddy. I walked out this morning to find Cranberry and Chinaberry standing over this little one. Chinaberry looked very much the part of the doting grandmother, and Cranberry looked like she didn't know what was going on! It took a little work to get mother-son pair warmed up into their roles, but they are doing fine now. And Cranberry really has a great looking udder!! Woo hoo! I'm strongly considering retaining this buckling.