Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bred in November - Due in April

This is the last batch of goats bred for 2010. I saved the Nigerian Dwarf goats for last, so that they would kid when the weather is warmer. ND kids are sooooo tiny. It just seemed like a good extra precaution. All the NDs are purebred; babies will be AGS registerable. I don't have many predictions to make about the NDs. Just excited to see what we get!

SW Goats Sam Houston (blue eyed)
SS Duck's Mini Herd Davy Crockett
SD Dean's Funny Farm Princess Di

Dean's Funny Farm Princess Di (blue eyed)
DS Dean's Funny Farm Moon Walker
DD Dean's Funny Farm Princess

Yes, this is an experimental line breeding. Crossing fingers and making a wish. Di is a nice ND, though I tend to think she's a little round.

Duck's Mini Herd Martha (blue eyed)
Still awaiting papers from the breeder on Martha. Martha is such a lady. I just think "refined" when I look at her. A graceful temperment too.

Duck's Mini Herd Ginger Rogers (brown eyed)
Still awaiting papers from the breeder on Ginger. Ginger is a nice sensible doe with a red roan coat.

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Connie said...

enjoy coming and reading your post. You have such a love for this!