Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bred in October, Due in March

Kids are here!

Here is the scoop on the October breeding program!

(All Nubian crosses will be eligible for registration through IDGA (and as far as I know minis should be able to register to MDGA and TMGR). All the Nigerian Dwarf blood in our herd is from AGS registered stock. )

Still Waters Robin - grade Nubian
SS Danny, unregistered Nubian
SD Still Waters Birdie, grade Nubian
Still Waters Little John - Experimental Grade Mini-Nubian (75/25)
SS Still Waters Robin - Grade Nubian
SD Duck's Mini Herd Chinaberry - Experimental Grade Mini-Nubian (50/50)
Rio Leche Farm Lily - Experimental Nubian/Alpine cross
DS Mr Coffee Bean - unregistered Alpine
DD Freckles - unregistered Nubian
Lily's pedigree doesn't say a whole lot, and her looks don't say much either. I'm not much used to the Alpine angularity, and always feel like I wish she would put some weight on! However, Lily has some endearing qualities. Lily has produced 3 very nice Nubian-type bucklings out of Robin that were nothing to be ashamed of. She has reliably given us 1/2 a gallon a milk a day on one milkin. She has a nice udder and is easy to milk. And she is one of the healthiest, hardiest goats in the herd. We have bred her to Robin again. We are interested in keeping one Nubian-type doe out of her. If she has bucks, they will undoubtably be for sale.
Duck's Mini Herd Cherry - Grade Experimental Mini-Nubian
DS Sweetheart Minis Mars - AGS Nigerian Dwarf
DD Duck's Mini Herd Chinaberry - Grade Experimental Mini-Nubian (50/50)
Cherry is the doe I love to hate. The girl is flighty - I have to catch her with the collie. It is on the agenda to milk her this spring and ty to settle her down. She has some good traits as well as some faults. If I get some good Mini-Nubian does this spring, I may pass her along as a family milker. I'd like to see how she does milkwise before marketing her. I bred her to her half brother Little John. I'm hoping the kids will have good Nubian traits as well as dairy potential.
SW Goats Mulan - AGS Nigerian Dwarf
DS Duck's Mini Herd Davy Crockett
DD Dean's Funny Farm Princess Di

I am really proud of this little doe. She has nice lines, color, the whole package. I hope her milk production holds up to her looks! I would have used Mulan in the Nigerian breeding program except she is full sister to my Nigerian buck, so I opted to breed her to Little John instead and hopefully bring some of her good qualities into the Mini-Nubian herd. (Please note, she is bred to a small Mini-Nubian buck, not a full size buck. It is not a good idea to breed Nigerian does to full size dairy bucks. I go up "half-sizes" when I breed does to larger bucks.) Next year I hope to aquire or retain another Nigerian buck, and use her in the Nigerian herd.