Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bred in September, Due in February

Kids are here!

I am breeding the does in 3 sets of 3 this year, each set a month apart. This will enable me to handle all the kids alot so they will be relatively tame. I prefer not to bottle feed. I feel the way Molly at Fias Co Farm does about CAE prevention. (

I have 4 bucks this year. Even so, you will note there is a fair amount of line breeding - this is due to the fact that I have retained some of my best bucks. I have several goats who I feel exemplify my own personal ideal of what a dairy goat should look like, and I'm looking to create a uniform line. I'm looking to breed uniformly good milkers too. My goal is an all round good "family milk goat." All Nubian crosses will be eligible for registration through IDGA (and as far as I know minis should be able to register to MDGA and TMGR). All the Nigerian Dwarf blood in our herd is from AGS registered stock. Ok, so here's what's coming in February...


Still Waters Robin - grade Nubian
SS Danny, unregistered Nubian
SD Still Waters Birdie, grade Nubian

Ordered Steps Mordechai - 1st generation Mini-Nubian
SS Hickory Leaf Freedom's Gideon, TMGR Mini-Nubian
SD Ordered Steps Patches, ADGA Nubian


Still Waters Birdie - grade Nubian
lineage unknown

*To me Birdie is what a Nubian doe should look like. She is just the quintessential family milk goat. She's been keeping us in milk for 3 years now, and she only improves with age. Birdie was exposed to both sires, so she will have line bred Nubian kids or 1st generation Mini-Nubians. (Birdie, queen of the herd, doesn't care much for the little guys.) If Birdie has does, we will likely keep one! (In 4 kiddings to 4 different sires, she has thrown all bucks).
UPDATE - Birdie was not bred.

Still Waters Cranberry - 1st generation Mini-Nubian
DS Still Waters Robin (Nubian)
DD Duck's Mini Herd Chinaberry (50/50 cross)

*Cranberry is a very nice looking 75/25 mini with blue eyes. I'm excited to see what she can do in the milk pail. Her kids out of Mordechai will be 2nd generation minis. We may retain a doe.

Duck's Mini Herd Chinaberry
DS Dean's Funny Farm Zeus (AGS Nigerian Dwarf)
DD Dewberry (unregistered NOA Nubian)

*Chinaberry is probably the sweetest goat in the herd. Wonderful mother - blue eyes. Mated to Robin - this is the duo that produced Cranberry and our buckling Little John - I *love* the look of these kids. Hoping for the same luck next year. We may retain a doe.