Friday, September 18, 2009

Life in Technicolor

Life in the country just seems "more" some days. Sitting on my milk stool the other day, I looked to the side and saw a rooster crowing - bright red comb, black and white plumage, contrasted against a background of vibrant green grass and smokey blue sky. This is why I do it: The ever changing color pallete of hues so beautiful they bring tears to my eyes. The sounds - the rooster crow, the cackling of hens, the neighs and whickers, and the many different tones of goat voices, all sounding suspisciously like "Mama" - is that why we call goat babies "kids"? Grain tinkling against a feed pan. The hiss of milk of milk hitting the bottom of an empty milk bucket. Not so fond of leaning over a hot goat in the dead of summer, or breaking ice of water troughs in the coldest days of winter. But gentle warmth, cool breezes, crisp days, even rain, feed my soul.

Indoors we live with constant white noise from our gagets. Our human activities echo from the walls. We are barraged with ourselves. Out there, we know we are not the center of the world, and that is strangely comforting. Shut up and listen. Look up and see. God's world is so big, so powerful, so beautiful, so awesome. shalom

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