Thursday, July 9, 2009

First Generation Mini-Nubians

Simply speaking the Mini-Nubian is a cross between a Nigerian Dwarf and a Nubian - creating a smaller version of the Nubian. In actuality it is a little more complicated than that.

The standard first cross is a Nubian doe with a Nigerian buck - it's called a 50/50. Chinaberry is a 50/50. As is typical of a 50/50 cross, she has a straight nose and "airplane" ears.

Chinaberry was bred to a Nigerian when I bought her. Her daughter Cherry is 25% Nubian, 75% Nigerian. Much to my surprise Cherry has continued to grow this second year, she is nearly as tall as mom. Her daddy has contributed better dairy character - a straighter top line and smoother blending.

I bred Chinaberry to my full size Nubian buck last fall. That is called "breeding back" - more often it is done with 50/50 bucks and Nubian does, but folks are getting a little braver about using the full size bucks. In this case it worked out beautifully. (Don't get any ideas about breeding a Nigerian doe to a full size buck - there have been reports of this causing disasters at kidding time.) Cranberry is 75% Nubian,, 25% Nigerian. I don't know how tall she'll grow to be yet, but she was definitely much smaller than a full sized at kidding. She has nice lines, a straight nose and fully dropped ears.

Here is Cranberry with her full size Paternal-Grandmother, Birdie. I think this has to be a defining moment for the mini breeder. See a near duplicate of a favorite full size doe in miniature. Beginner's luck I guess to get to see it so soon!

These three goats are all considered "first generation". I will get a second generation when I breed Cranberry to a first generation buck. My intention is to breed both Chinaberry and Cherry back to the full size buck this fall, and hopefully get more wonderful first generation does like Cranberry!

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