Thursday, July 9, 2009

First Generation Mini-Nubians

Simply speaking the Mini-Nubian is a cross between a Nigerian Dwarf and a Nubian - creating a smaller version of the Nubian. In actuality it is a little more complicated than that.

The standard first cross is a Nubian doe with a Nigerian buck - it's called a 50/50. Chinaberry is a 50/50. As is typical of a 50/50 cross, she has a straight nose and "airplane" ears.

Chinaberry was bred to a Nigerian when I bought her. Her daughter Cherry is 25% Nubian, 75% Nigerian. Much to my surprise Cherry has continued to grow this second year, she is nearly as tall as mom. Her daddy has contributed better dairy character - a straighter top line and smoother blending.

I bred Chinaberry to my full size Nubian buck last fall. That is called "breeding back" - more often it is done with 50/50 bucks and Nubian does, but folks are getting a little braver about using the full size bucks. In this case it worked out beautifully. (Don't get any ideas about breeding a Nigerian doe to a full size buck - there have been reports of this causing disasters at kidding time.) Cranberry is 75% Nubian,, 25% Nigerian. I don't know how tall she'll grow to be yet, but she was definitely much smaller than a full sized at kidding. She has nice lines, a straight nose and fully dropped ears.

Here is Cranberry with her full size Paternal-Grandmother, Birdie. I think this has to be a defining moment for the mini breeder. See a near duplicate of a favorite full size doe in miniature. Beginner's luck I guess to get to see it so soon!

These three goats are all considered "first generation". I will get a second generation when I breed Cranberry to a first generation buck. My intention is to breed both Chinaberry and Cherry back to the full size buck this fall, and hopefully get more wonderful first generation does like Cranberry!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


New goat pasture, courtesy of Papa Bear...

Martha with the gorgeous baby blues...

Another new girl, Ginger Rogers...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Buck Pens

We finally got the girls moved over to their new pens, so the bucks now have 3 pens all for themselves - and for their "dates" in the fall.

Robin is still top stud. Poor guy has been suffering from worms this week, but I think I've got him turned around. There is nothing sadder than a big beautiful buck feeling poorly.

Sam Houston, our Nigerian Dwarf buckling, is about 4 months now. He's a really buckish little guy.

We have two Mini-Nubian bucklings + or - 4 months old. Little John is out of Robin and Chinaberry. I think he was real beginner's luck, cause the more he grows the happier I am with him. We purchased Mordechai as a bottle baby. OK, when people say a bottle baby will be more tame - what they mean is they will stick to you like glue! LOL Mordechai got his name cause he was born near Purim. Mordechai is out of a small ADGA Nubian doe and a Mini-Nubian buck. He's a little taller than Little John, but not big boned at all.
I'm posting 2 pics of Mordechai cause I'm trying to decide how his ears should be characterized. I don't know if they are what is called "3/4 drop" or if they are full dropped and just a little on the short side. They have just always laid differently than Little John and Robin's. But then I've seen some full Nubians who's ears lay differently from Robin's... so maybe there's just some variation in how ears can be set on the head. You pull on Mordechai's ears, and they reach his nose, but as you can see from the last picture - they have the appearance of being shorter.