Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And More Babies!!

We're done kidding until April when Birdie is due. I done sitting vigil out in the cold goat pens at night waiting to make sure kids, placenta, and nursing all went as planned.

Lily had these two beautiful bucks - shoot! Her kids have all been so nice, but all bucks! I sure hope Birdie will have a doe this year - she's had 4 bucks so far! There always seems to be a bit of drama when Lily kids. She "told" me she was going to kid at feeding time. I sat in the car and watched her by the headlights. She got over in the ditches and positioned herself so her front feet were higher than her back feet. She would push and pace and push and pace. The first baby had a big head, taking me back to when Robin was born. I gave her a little help. She left me to clean him up while she pushed out a second buckling that looks like little Tuck that we sold last year. It took awhile for the placenta. Her belly was hanging low, so I finally got up and massaged her, and she started passing the biggest placenta I have ever seen. I kid you not - it was about a yard long. Then she started eating it while it was still partially attached!! That worried me a bit, but I do know this about placentas - eating placenta will help the uterus contract. Sure enough, it detached and came on out.

Cherry had these two little squirts. Cherry was too young when she snuck into the pen with our Nigerian buck and got bred. These kids are tiny. I had just fed, and went back out to check on everyone, and there's Cherry licking Di's kid, while her babies are wandering around looking for a mother! The little buckling was bigger and stronger. The little doe was doing poorly in the morning, so we brought her in and bottle fed her for a day. Day 2 she was stronger and the weather was warmer, so I decided to see if mom would take her back. She's doing just fine. We named her Strawberry Shortcake.

Strawberry Shortcake
I'm going to sell all these bucklings.

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Laura said...

What darling kids! It's fun to use that word and not have it apply to my children or other children...

(A mom from the suburbs--nowhere near goats)