Monday, February 9, 2009

Bad Blogger

There are always lot's of things I want to post, but I just never get to it. We sold Jack B. Quick down the road awhile back. He was a wild little thing, and I felt he needed to find a home quick, so someone who knew what they were doing could settle him down. It was a little hard to hear him hollar as they drove off. Ace and Messie Bessie stood around all day looking down the road like they were waiting for him to come back. They seemed ok the next day though.

Messie Bessie has settled down, and she's putting weight back on (nursing took alot out of her). I road her briefly and can't wait to start riding again soon.

All 14 chickens made it to maturity. We are getting on average 8 nice big brown eggs a day. We got a farm collie name Sugars who accidentally wounded 2 of the hens on the neck. (Sugars has to stay in the front yard now unless she is supervised - my bad, for giving an adolescent too much freedom.) The first looked pretty terrible, so we decided to eat it. I held it down, and Daddy Bear cut it's head off - wow, we had no idea a chicken could run so far without a head! It wasn't much eating. The second we decided to try to save. Chickens heal amazingly! I cleaned the wound with iodine and applied neosporine - I wrapped it so the skin would join (it was about a 2 inch laceration to the skin). I think now maybe that was unneccesary, but it probably didn't hurt. 2 weeks later it's nearly completely healed with only a tiny scar.

The little chicken molestor is considerably bigger now - I should take more pictures!
Kidding time is coming soon - can't wait!!


Nikki said...

I like your blog! My dog has killed 2 or 3 of my chickens. They are fenced up now. It is hard for a dog not to. But she sure got in trouble. Is there a way to follow your blog? Thanks fort he a frame ideas on goat dairy. We might put a couple of those in the pasture for shade!

Mama Mercer said...

Thanks Nikki! I think there is a way to follow the blog. I haven't done it before, but I think there is a link at the very bottom of the page to subscribe.