Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, they're finally here - some of them anyway!

Our AGS registered Nigerian Dwarf, Princess Di, was the first to freshen. She had a doeling and a buckling out of Davy Crockett (our Nigerian Dwarf buckling, who regretfully passed away last fall while we were on vacation). I was really surprised by the color combinations. I'm realizing grandparents have nearly as much influence over color as parents do.

This little tricolored doeling is "Mulan" (Sweet Pea got to name her):

This little black and white buckling is "Sam Houston":

This morning our 50/50 Nigerian Dwarf/Nubian cross (1st generation Mini-Nubian), Chinaberry, gave birth to twins out of Robin our IDGR record grade Nubian buck. These two kids are still first generation Mini-Nubian since I bred back to full Nubian, but I did so to get the dropped ears and Nubian profile. I think it worked. They both have ears to the tip of their chins, so I don't *think* they will pull up to airplane. But I'm a little more confident about the doeling's ears than the buckling's.

This little doeling is "Cranberry". She is a tiny little version of her grandmother Birdie - except she's got blue eyes:

This little buckling is "Little John". He looks alot like Mom, but his white blanket looks alot like Dad's:

I think I'll keep all 4 of these kids. I'm pretty thrilled. I have 2 other does due to kid any moment, and 1 to kid in April. I may end up selling Cherry (75/50 Nigerian/Nubian) and her kid/s (out of Davy), cause they don't really fit with my breeding plan. I'll wait and see what she has though. I think I want to look for a mature AGS registered Nigerian buck, as I'll need a mate for Princess Di and Birdie this fall. I could potentially breed Sam Houston to Birdie to get a 50/50, but I'd probably have to wait for him to reach full maturity. Anywhoo... This is so much fun!!

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