Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jack B. Quick

We received an unexpected surprise a couple weeks ago. There was a chance that Messie Bessie, our Arabian mare, had been exposed to Uncle Frank's male donkey, Jack, while the horses were staying at his place. Messie Bessie was looking more and more pregnant every day, but we didn't know when she would be due. Imagine our surprise when we got a call from our neighbor the day we left town to visit relatives that there was a baby mule running around our pasture! Unfortunately they are both quite wild right now and won't let me anywhere near them!

Of course, I have to include a picture of my Quarter Horse, Ace. There's just something about a first horse - no body else really ever quite measures up to him. He's the easiest keeper I've ever known. He really seems to be enjoying Still Waters Farm. He didn't have alot of room to stretch out and gallop in Wisconsin or South Texas (I guess "collection" isn't one of his finer points), and he always seemed kind of keyed up. But since the move he's been surprisingly relaxed and low key.