Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Arrivals!

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We are expanding our herd this spring. About a month ago, we purchased Chinaberry a mini-Nubian (Nubian-Nigerian Dwarf cross) from Duck Haven Farm. She unexpectedly had a doeling on May 14th. Little Cherry is as cute as a button.

I had to bite the bullet and do my first disbudding (burning the horn buds off so horns don't grow). I got through it just fine with 3 tricks - 1.) I bought the Rhinehart X40 dehorner (Pygmy tip for mini breeds) which gets really hot and burns really fast, 2.) I sprayed lidocaine on the horn buds before burning them to numb the area a little (seemed to help), and 3.) I wore headphones so the screaming wouldn't be so loud! Wasn't long before Cherry was back nursing her mommy and acting like nothing had happened. I got my dehorner from Hoegger Supply Company (

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