Saturday, May 31, 2008

This Post is for the Birds!

We've got fresh milk; don't fresh eggs sound good? I ordered 14 Barred Rock chicks from Ideal Poultry - 12 females, 2 males. We put them under a lamp in the laundry room, and they are growing fast. The kids have really enjoyed them. They are getting their feathers and will be ready to move outdoors pretty soon (it's probably hotter outside than under my lamp now anyway!).
Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

TIP! I learned a great remedy for pasting up (sticky fecal matter sticks to their bottoms and can cause them not to be able to eliminate. It can kill them if you don't take care of it) - mix cornmeal in with their feed 50/50. Works fast!

New Arrivals!

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We are expanding our herd this spring. About a month ago, we purchased Chinaberry a mini-Nubian (Nubian-Nigerian Dwarf cross) from Duck Haven Farm. She unexpectedly had a doeling on May 14th. Little Cherry is as cute as a button.

I had to bite the bullet and do my first disbudding (burning the horn buds off so horns don't grow). I got through it just fine with 3 tricks - 1.) I bought the Rhinehart X40 dehorner (Pygmy tip for mini breeds) which gets really hot and burns really fast, 2.) I sprayed lidocaine on the horn buds before burning them to numb the area a little (seemed to help), and 3.) I wore headphones so the screaming wouldn't be so loud! Wasn't long before Cherry was back nursing her mommy and acting like nothing had happened. I got my dehorner from Hoegger Supply Company (